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Welcome to Israel and to the Israeli CECAM Node located at Tel-Aviv University!

Tel-Aviv University is a proud member of CECAM

(Centre Européen de Calcul Atomique et Moléculaire).

The goals of our Node are:

  • Providing an international framework for workshops, summer schools, and tutorials throughout the state of Israel, and hopefully, whenever possible, in neighboring countries.

  • Putting scientific simulation in focus at TAU and in Israel.

  • Giving a reference point to computational scientists at TAU and in Israel.

  • Strengthening our relationships with these activities in Europe.

  • Exposing our students to international activities in this field.

  • Supplementing the already strong scientific ties of Israel and Europe (EU activities, CERN, bi-national programs).


Contact Us

School of Chemistry, Tel Aviv  University, 6997801

Tel Aviv, Israel.

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